Why You Should Invest In Green Architecture

‘Green’ or ‘Sustainable’ architecture is the practice of designing a house in such a way that the result has minimal impact on the environment.

More and more these days we are seeing houses designed and built with thought put in to the impact the structure will have on the environment. Whether it’s looking at where the structure is built in terms of the position of the sun throughout the day to utilize solar power or using recycled or using renewable material. Some examples of recycled materials include blown-in fibre glass insulation, sustainably harvested wood, panels made from paper flakes, baked earth, rammed earth and clay.

So why should you consider investing in ‘green architecture’?

There are a number of reasons people decided to take this approach. For the most part it’s due to the fact that people are starting to expand their thinking and want to integrate a more conscious approach to their lifestyle. It’s important for everyone to think about the impact they are having on the environment and we can all make small changes to do so. Energy efficiency is something we need to consider when designing and building a home. A contemporary ‘green architect’ will look at using different techniques to reduce the energy needs of a home and ways in which they can increase the ability to generate their own energy.

Another reason to consider investing in eco architecture when building your home is cost effectiveness. A house that is built with the orientation of bedrooms and windows in mind will require less heating and cooling if done correctly. Using solar generated energy is becoming more popular as not only does it lessen the impact the energy has on the environment; it’s also a great way to save money for heating, cooling and even heating water.

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