Denning Street

Country · Gadigal and Bidjigal

New House

Project Completion · 2017

Builder · Coast Style Constructions

Engineer · Demlarkian

Photography · Simon Whitbread


The overall concept of the proposed development is to provide an efficient, practical and environmentally sensitive family home that features good connection to the outdoors and access to local coastal views. This resulted in a 3 storey building, which is split level to follow the slope of the site to reduce overall height. The entry, kitchen and living spaces have been located at the ground level, with bedrooms on the 1st floor above. The proposed double garage and store areas are in the excavated basement zone.

Some key design points of the proposal are:
• High quality design and materials that enhance and enrich the streetscape.
• Greatly improved connection to the private outdoor space from primary living areas.
• Thermal performance rating of 7 stars using 2nd gen software for minimal ongoing energy usage.
• Passive solar design principles a core element of overall design concept.
• Excellent privacy towards neighbours through use of screening and sensitive glazing locations.
• Adaptable and durable design to ensure long lifespan to reduce long-term environmental impact.
• Efficient and practical internal layout designed to cooperate and evolve with family requirements.

Key Features

  • Insulated concrete thermal mass walls
  • Hydronic floor heating to thermal mass concrete floor
  • Extensive external shading to windows
  • Double glazed windows throughout
  • 7 Stars Bers Pro thermal performance rating