Beth 2022

Bethany Hooper

position · architectural assistant

qualifications · b.arch, b.CrInI

Studying in Denmark led Bethany to appreciate an architecture that is simplistic in concept but complex in its performance and program. Having previously worked as an urban designer, she has a strong grasp on understanding contextual influences and conceptualising a project in its wider environment.

Studying her Master’s at the University of Sydney, has cemented Bethany’s belief that buildings have the responsibility to minimise their environmental impact, whilst simultaneously creating a compelling and comfortable place to be. She understands that both work hand in hand, and meaningful design decisions can contribute to both.

Alongside her Architecture degree, Bethany studied a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation, equipping her with the tools to approach projects with an innovative mindset. She has developed a keen interest in discovering innovative architectural systems and materials that can assist in reducing a building’s footprint.