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Our most sustainable homes and energy efficient buildings through predictable comfort and energy demand

Passivhaus (formally Passive House) is an energy-based framework by which buildings can attain a high level of sustainability and resilience. Passivhaus adheres to five key principles to achieve high performance, low energy buildings. These principles include high performance windows, mitigation of thermal bridging, thermal insulation, heat recovery ventilation and airtightness. The Passivhaus principles work together to create comfortable and stable indoor environments when the building must be closed up due to weather or air quality concerns such as smog or bushfire smoke, or lifestyle factors such as safety, allergies, or a prolonged absence from the home.

At present, we have two certified Passivhaus designers in our team, including director Simon Anderson who was the nominated designer for our Pocket Passiv project, our first certified project which has achieved the prestigious Passivhaus Plus certification. Alexandra Woods is also certified in Passivhaus design.

Paired with sustainable design, construction, materials and systems, Passivhauses can provide predictable performance and year-round comfort without compromising on the green building or eco housing credentials of your home.